So my birthday was the other day! Was a rough one this year. My grandpa flew home and a few days later landed himself in the hospital. So I got to spend quite a few days there. Thankfully with each day he kept showing improvements. showed some smiles, laughed a little, and asked for raisinets! Progress! Just need to get that man to put on some weight! lots of it! And keep the junk out of his lungs! The winter here has been a major bummout for him. Me too. Can winter please be over?! Please please please! I just wanna ride my bike and plant flowers and lay in the grass. Speaking of this, does anybody wanna move to California with me? Like for real? Roomies?!

So back to birthday partying. This year I got a freaking cute strawberry cake, and a pink hello kitty mug! I’m just a simple five year old girl okay! And yesterday some of my dearest friends & I had a little after birthday valentines tea party! Oh gosh! It was perfect! There were heart shaped sandwiches and pink lemonade and cakey things and darjeeling tea and all the cutest little foods you could imagine. And I got to sit next to the coolest 4.5 year old in the wooooorld.

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